Kentucky Children’s Justice Act Task Force

Membership List

Law Enforcement Community

Judges & Attorneys involved in civil & criminal court

Child Advocates including attorneys for children

Health Professionals

Individuals Representing Child Protective Services

Parents & Representatives of Parents’ Groups

Individuals representing child protective services agencies:

Children with Disabilities;

Representative of Parent’s Groups:

Homeless Youth

Other Contacts

Justin D Miller

CJA Program Coordinator
LaToya Vaughn, M.S.
University of Kentucky Training Resource Center
1500 Bull Lea Rd. Ste. 194
Lexington , Kentucky 40511
Phone (859) 257-7210
Fax (859) 257-3918
Email LaToya Vaughn

Frankfort Liaison
Gayle L. Yocum
Internal Policy Analyst III
Division of Protection and Permanency
Child Safety Branch
275 E. Main Street , 3 E-B
Frankfort , KY 40621
(502)564-2136 ext.4058 Phone
(502)564-3096 Fax
Email Gayle L. Yocum

National Resource Center for CPS