The Foster Parent Training Program is dedicated to the development and delivery of quality training to meet the needs of foster/adoptive parents serving the Commonwealth. These needs are determined through consultation with the Department for Community Based Services, other programs serving foster/adoptive families, community partners, and most importantly, foster parents. The program provides an array of training and support services, including curricula development and training delivery for both foster/adoptive parents and child welfare professionals, a bi-annual e-magazine that includes resources, training opportunities, and information relevant to foster/adoptive families, the development and distribution of medical passports and certificates of training completion, and the administration of a hotline any foster/adoptive parent can call to receive support and resources. The program’s ultimate goal through the provision of all of these services is to promote and safety and well-being of Kentucky’s children.


Check out free resources and foster parenting information at FAST Help, a resource service product from the Training Resource Center.

FAST Help - Free Foster Parenting Resources and more...

FAST Hotline


The Foster/Adoptive Support and Training (FAST) Hotline is for any foster/adoptive parent seeking support, resources, and information. The hotline is available Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.

The following are some examples of the types of inquires foster/adoptive parents contact the hotline to receive assistance with:

  • Local DCBS office location and contact information
  • Foster/Adoptive initial and ongoing training requirements
  • Available foster/adoptive trainings and resources
  • Discipline strategies for children who have experienced trauma
  • Information on how to advocate for services schools should provide children to help ensure their educational needs are met

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IT Support and Logistics Coordinator

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Karen Bowman

Karen Bowman

TRC Training Specialist

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