Citizen Review Panels (CRP) are groups of volunteer citizens throughout the nation who are federally mandated to provide an evaluation of their State’s child protective services system. In Kentucky, there are active CRPs in the Southern Bluegrass and Jefferson regions of the Department for Community Based Services, as well as a Statewide CRP composed of members from all nine regions.

The mission of Kentucky’s Citizen Review Panels is to involve the larger community in evaluating the practices and policy of the Department for Community Based Services.  Ultimately, our goal is to improve the lives of every child and family in the Commonwealth.

Contact information:

LaToya Vaughn, M.S.
Program Coordinator
Citizen Review Panels of Kentucky
1 Quality St., Suite 700
Lexington, Kentucky 40507
(859) 257-7210
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to  the winners of the

2016 Southern Bluegrass Citizen Review Panel DCBS Employee Recognition Award.

Diana Ard and Chad Sterrett


These are two winners and two friends.

                                                                         Diana Ard, Secretary, P&P Southern Bluegrass Region

                                                                                      Amanda White, Child Protection Specialist, DCBS

                                                                                                   Chad Sterrett, DCBS Worker, Fayette Co.

                                                                                                                    Rachael Ratliff, CRP/CJA Liaison, DCBS DPP

Reports and Other Related Documents:

To apply to become an Citizen Review Panel Member please use the application found at this link:

CRP Membership Application